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Who is Sergio Rey?
What’s the story?

Stories are everywhere but some stories motivate people to work harder. Sergio Rey’s story is one of them

Self-made entrepreneur and Business Star
with love for helping people improve with his experience.

About Sergio Rey

I am an entrepreneur. I started as an employee during my first working years,
although I earned well and had a good salary, I realized that mine was the
ventures. Since 2007 and to date, I have developed at least 7 projects including
a GPS business, e-commerce, satellite trackers, website development, drones, real
estate and the current one of a rent a car. I love serving the consumer and
looking for ways to make life simpler. I admire the people who have become rich
and famous through a national and global impact. I do not love money but I like
it to become in social impact and lifestyle. I am an information researcher and I
love personal growth through books, seminars, and friendships. I like meeting
people with whom I can share, teach and learn. As a personal project is to be a
speaker and motivator, currently I prepare conscientiously and that is why I am
building my success story to support it with the results.

Early Life of Sergio Rey.

Early Childhood:

I was born in Colombia (Villavicencio) and lived there for 17 years.
Studied primary and secondary there.
In 1999 with 16 years, I sold 2 products online and gave my first step to
entrepreneurs. After my family they went bankrupt, we moved to Costa Rica and lived there for 18 years. When moved to Costa Rica at the age of 17, he started driving a taxi. Had no money, the best days were when McDonald’s had a hamburger for minus than a dollar on Monday and Wednesday and had it with water because of a lack of money. All my family (6 people) slept in a $70usd monthly rent house, imaging the type of

Turn Around in Life

E-Commerce Business Experience:

I started and e-commerce with my brothers in the living room of our house. We started with one product (Garmin GPS navigator) and in 5 years, we escalated to a 13.000 products national and international, having more than 50 stores,
shipping to all Costa Rica and a variety of payment methods processing more than 50000 transactions and hiring over 20 people between onsite and freelancers.

Entreprenueral Experience Proceeds:

At the beginning sales were very poor, had to go back to a call center where I
stayed for 1 year. Since 2012 (9 years) have been an entrepreneur with experience and knowledge in e-commerce, GPS navigation systems, GPS trackers, drones, websites, software, applications. Experience extends to finance, accountant,
legal, sales, marketing, human resources, logistic, administration and operation departments. In 2016 founded a rent a car that still runs in Costa Rica, Its’s name is Axis
rent a car. It started with 3 cars and now has over 60 cars and makes over
$500.000usd annually in sales.

What Sergio Rey do Today?

Now, I am in the USA developing a consulting business helping entrepreneurs,
micro, small and medium companies in all the areas that involve it to take them
to the next level and getting not only financial freedom but TIME FREEDOM.
– I speak Spanish and English.
– My passion is public speaking (conferences, seminars, webinars).
– I love personal development.
– I read a lot about business, finance, personal development, etc.
– I am self-didactic to learn from videos, forums, tutorials, manuals.
– I have traveled to Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panamá, Ecuador, Venezuela, United States.


Help at least 1 million of the 28 million of Small- and medium-sized enterprises
(SMEs) since they are the backbone of the U.S. economy and are key contributorsto economic growth in other TPP economies as well. The 28 million American SMEs account for nearly two-thirds of net new private-sector jobs in recent decades. SMEs that export tends to grow even faster, create more jobs, and pay higher wages than similar businesses that do not trade internationally.

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